On behalf of our shareholders and employees, I am pleased to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in Ghassan Ahmed Al-Sulaiman Development Company (GHASSANCO’s). GHASSANCO is a diversified investment and business development company with a clear vision to be the local partner of choice for global businesses and local entrepreneurs in the MENA region, leveraging our knowledge in the SME and Entrepreneurship space to invest in early stage innovative opportunities and to develop unique offerings that we will seed, and incubate.

Our philosophy is simple:

We innovate to celebrate success;
       We lead to inspire others;
              We are in business to achieve outstanding results

Since its inception in 2004, GHASSANCO has grown tremendously by strategically investing in retailing, real estate, financial services, hospitality and tourism and information technology services. By creating new opportunities in these sectors, GHASSANCO is making a valuable contribution to the economic development of the local Saudi market and the MENA market.

We believe that it is only possible to create long- term sustainable value for our shareholders if our behavior, strategies and operations are also creating value for the communities where we operate, for our business partners and, of course, for our consumers. To sustain our value, we will keep working with the best in class service providers based on international standards and bring the best know how and skills to the Region and link them to the investors/partners that will enhance the chances of success.

At GHASSANCO, our greatest asset is our dedicated, qualified, and professional team members, united in the spirit of innovation, customer service and business excellence. Together, we aim to be your strategic partner of choice for investment and development, and we believe that your relationship with us will be personally and commercially rewarding.

Dr. Ghassan Ahmed Al-Sulaiman