At GHASSANCO, we co-invest with other individual and institutional investors, to launch and develop small and medium size businesses into the winners of tomorrow. We do not specifically target majority shareholding in these investee companies. This allows us additional flexibility in attracting other business groups and entities to become shareholders in the new companies we help create.

GHASSANCO team does not interfere in the decision making process of the companies it has launched and invested in, and provides a free hand to the companies’ management.

Team GHASSANCO believes in building long term, profitable relationships with the businesses it launches; hence exit strategies are not what are envisioned at the time of launch of any business or company. However, exit is one of the strategies that may be considered later during the life cycle of the companies and businesses co-launched by GHASSANCO.

Also, GHASSANCO does not always take direct shareholding in the companies it co-launches and co-develops. Sometimes GHASSANCO facilitates its investee companies or associate companies in taking direct shareholding in new companies.