To operate an investment holding and business development company along international standards and to be the local partner of choice for global businesses and local entrepreneurs in the MENA Region.

To leverage our knowledge in the SME and Entrepreneurship space to invest in early stage innovative opportunities and to develop unique offerings that we will seed, and incubate. We will work with the best in class service providers based on international standards and bring
the best know how and skills to the Region and link them to
the investors/partners that will enhance the chances of success.

We believe in creating meaningful partnerships that create the complementarities of skills and capabilities that enhance the chances of success.
We believe that innovation, professionalism, hard work, integrity, fairness and good planning are key success factors for us.
We believe that our community is a key stakeholder and that we need to develop projects that have the interest of both the shareholders and community in mind. We will give priority to supporting projects/companies that have a social mission.
We believe in long term sustainable relationships.
We will adhere to Sharea laws in all our dealings.